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Buying a mobile phone connection

This was the first thing myself and +Chuck Croll was discussing. We named it "Country Talks." In India, buying a mobile phone connection :- SIM Card We go to Mobile Instrument Selling Store and buy an instrument. We go to Service Provider's store or to agent's store who has rights to provide a SIM Card connection. Here, we should fill out the form they give with a "Passport Size Photograph" and an Address/ID proof . Payment plans differ from service provider to service provider. So, we pay according to our plan. It also depends how we pay a cellphone connection . They give us a SIM Card with a 10 digit Number. It may be activated withing some half an hour.  Here foreigner differs from Indian during address proof submission only. 

How do we pay for cellphone connection?

There are two ways :- Pre Paying. Post Paying. They are called in their way.

Address Proof / ID Proof.

An address proof / ID proof is one which should be issued by government. A major address proof used in India is Ration Card.