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Petrol bunk thefts

Oh I am not going to write anything about the high price of petrol that can be reduced down by the government but they don't. That is a tired and sick topic which we'd never overcome through statuses like these. This is something about how each day we are being stolen. 1. Hearing problems You go to the bunk and say they have to fill for 1500. They fill out for 500 first. When you say 1500, they say, oh I heard just 500. I'm sorry and fill the 1000 again. Now what's so weird in this? They have anyway filled petrol for 1500. Isn't it? Here is where they're tricky. Damn tricky! They never ask you to look at zero the second time. So, they filled petrol for 500 already. Now they fill until 1000 from 500 and so totally you've been filled just for 1000. Now isn't that a theft? How do we overcome this? By fighting about what they did? You're never going to get the money back. Cause you can't prove it. Prevention is better than cure if y