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Monday, June 18, 2012

How do we pay for cellphone connection?

There are two ways :-
  • Pre Paying.
  • Post Paying.
They are called in their way.

Read : Buying a mobile phone connection.

Pre-Paid connection :-
As its name. We buy cellphone connection as usual. We pay some extra charge and get a service number through which we shall know our balance money in our account. As we talk, the balance gets reduced.

Post-Paid connection :-
Again as its name. We don't pay any extra charge at the beginning, while buying phone connection. You use. They charge and send you a bill by E-mail or post. You should pay then.

Many people say that pre-paid tariffs are good, far better when compared to post-paid charges. Me too!


  1. post paid connections are useful for ppl who dont like recharging their fone now and then...they are used by ppl who talk more...the tariff rates are good in postpaid connections for ardent callers...!!